Affordable Driving Lessons Cairns

Professional driving lessons are a great way to give a new driver the best start to their driving life and ensure that they become safe and skilled drivers on the road. Unfortunately, a common mistake made by many people is that professional driving lessons are unnecessary, and that a parent, friend or partner can effectively teach a student driver. This is not the case!

When a learner driver receives lessons from their family and friends, they also pick up on all of their bad driving habits. A qualified driving instructor is up to date with all of the changing road rules and regulations, and will provide professional driving lessons that teach good driving habits and road awareness for life.

Here at Attitude Driving School we are dedicated to providing affordable, professional driving lessons to the learner drivers of Cairns. Our head instructor Theo has over 40 years driver experience and over 6 years as a professional driving instructor. As a Cairns local for over 25 years, Theo knows the local roads and conditions extremely well. He prides himself on being able to pass this knowledge on to the next generation of motorists so that they can be safe, skilled drivers. At Attitude Driver Training, we are proud to offer affordable driving lessons that help make the roads in Cairns a safer place.

Here at Attitude Driver Training School, we are available for lessons 6 days a week and variety of different times because we know that adjust a driving lesson into your busy schedule is not easy. When you book a lesson with us, you will have an option of both manual and automatic vehicles to choose from and as all of our vehicles are equipped with dual control, the safety of both driver and the instructor is assured.

Contact Attitude Driver Training for lessons with Theo who will take your driving skill to the next level. You will get your driving license in no time with the help of our affordable driving lessons. Call us today on 0419 467 570 or email us at We welcome all inquiries and can’t wait to drive with you.