Cheap Driving Lessons Cairns

Are you a learner driver looking to start your driving journey? Or looking for the best way to prepare for and pass your licence test? Call Theo at Attitude Driver Training for cheap driving lessons in Cairns that are safe, fun and effective!

Starting your driving journey can be a daunting experience. Family and friends may offer to teach you, however they may not be adequately qualified or prepared for the task. Professional lessons from a qualified driving instructor are far more effective in preparing learner drivers for their licence. You need someone that is experienced and up to date in both road rules and driving techniques. At Attitude Driver Training, our head instructor Theo has over 40 years driver experience and over 6 years as a professional driving instructor.

Theo has been a Cairns local for over 25 years, and knows the local roads and conditions extremely well. He prides himself on being able to pass this knowledge on to the next generation of motorists so that they can be safe, skilled drivers. At Attitude Driver Training, we are proud to offer cheap driving lessons in Cairns that educate new drivers for the future.

Here at Attitude Driver Training School, we are aware that fitting driving lessons into your schedule and budgeting for the cost can be difficult. We are available for lessons 6 days a week at a variety of different times, and are renowned for cheap driving lessons in Cairns. Book a lesson today, we have both manual and automatic vehicles to choose from and our vehicles are all dual control to ensure the safety of both the driver and instructor at all times.

Contact Attitude Driver Training today to book a lesson with Theo to take your driving to the next level. Our cheap driving lessons will have you on the road in no time! Call us today on 0419 467 570 or send us an email at We welcome all enquiries and can’t wait to drive with you!